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Most Columbia Gorge Area AA meetings are now suspended until further notice. We have been getting a steady stream of calls and emails telling us of the closures. It is no longer realistic to keep a list of suspended meetings. Each meeting has to make the decision to suspend, many were forced to suspend by their landlord. (Reference pdx area aa, and Fellowship in the Gorge AA)

Below you will find a summary of available AA online meetings in the Columbia Gorge. To join a meeting click on the meeting link, if you wish to join via phone call, some meetings support a call in group meeting with a call in # and access code.

A more detailed response to the Corona Virus 19 issue can be found below the online meeting schedule table on this page or on the homepage of our website along with a set of suggestions. If you are aware of an online meeting that has not yet made it onto this spreadsheet, then please contact your district service representative and they will have it added.

Suggestions, References and Resources

  • Suggestions and Notes:

    • Updates on Coronavirus COVID-19

      • It is important to note the G.S.O. is not an authoritative body over our groups, nor does it initiate rules or directives, as each A.A. group and entity is autonomous and decisions are made through its group conscience. Providing guidance on health issues is outside the scope of the A.A. sharing that G.S.O. offers. For anyone experiencing health and safety questions, it is suggested they contact national, state/provincial and local health authorities for appropriate information.

    • The list of online meetings will grow as the days progress.

    • If you start an online meeting, please let your district service rep know so they can post that on the website.

    • Groups using Zoom for online meetings may want to consult the New York Intergroup's guidelines on how to manage Zoom to ensure anonymity and group autonomy.

      • Note: Some of the online services require installing an app or browser plugin but there is no charge for these.

  • References and Resources